Discover 3 additional mulch installation benefits

Installing mulch can do wonders for your plant health and curb appeal. But spreading mulch is hard work. Avoid the hassle of DIY mulch installation by hiring Taddy Lawn Care. We provide affordable mulching services to property owners in Bolivar, TN and vicinity.

By hiring us to spread mulch annually, you can...

  1. Define your flower beds.
  2. Prevent weeds from taking over.
  3. Protect the roots of your plants from temperature extremes.

This is only scratching the surface. Discover even more benefits of mulch installation by contacting Taddy Lawn Care today.

Tell us about your mulching needs

You won't regret choosing Taddy Lawn Care for residential or commercial mulching services. We offer customized services, so you can choose your...

  • Mulch installation schedule-we can spread mulch around your Bolivar, Somerville, & Jackson, TN property once a year or as often as you'd like.
  • Mulch color-we can install mulch that blends in with or calls attention to your landscaping.
  • Mulch type-tell us if you prefer wood- or rubber-based mulch.

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