Reach out to Taddy Lawn Care in Bolivar, Somerville, & Jackson, TN

Taddy Lawn Care is a full-service landscaping company based in Bolivar, TN. Our dedicated team is standing by to assist you with all of your outdoor chores, from shrub trimming to fall cleanup. Just tell us about your budget and landscape maintenance needs.

Call 731-608-7705 today to schedule residential or commercial landscaping services.

We offer à la carte landscaping services

Why should you pay for landscaping services you don't need? Taddy Lawn Care creates custom landscape maintenance plans for property owners in the Bolivar, Somerville, & Jackson, TN area.

In addition to lawn care and mulch installation, you can schedule recurring or as-needed...

  • Shrub trimming services: Cut back branches that are blocking your windows or shading your flowers.
  • Leaf removal services: Why spend your weekend raking leaves? We'll use specialty equipment to remove all debris from your property.
  • Gutter cleaning services: We'll remove leaves, twigs and acorns to prevent clogs.

Ready to schedule gutter cleaning, shrub trimming or leaf removal services? Contact Taddy Lawn Care today.