Schedule weekly or as-needed lawn care services

Just envision the "Yard of the Month" sign planted on your lawn. Despite what you might think, you don't have to work hard to cultivate an award-winning yard. Hire a landscape maintenance company to do it for you. Taddy Lawn Care provides lawn care services to homeowners in Bolivar, Somerville, & Jackson, TN and surrounding areas.

Our meticulous landscapers will...

  • Trim shrubs and hedges
  • Mow and edge your lawn 
  • Haul away leaves and twigs
  • Spread mulch around your yard
  • Pull weeds out of your flower beds

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Please note: We only provide mowing services in Bolivar, TN.



Ask about our landscape maintenance packages

Don't have the time or energy to keep up with your yard work? That's OK - Taddy Lawn Care will take care of everything. We'll provide customized lawn care services based on your budget and landscape maintenance needs.

We can take care of all your outdoor chores or just mow your lawn once a week. It's up to you. Call 731-608-7705 today to book our landscaping company in Bolivar, TN.